Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Detective of Divinity: Easter 2 Children's Story (Lectionary Year B)

John 20:19-31

trench coat, detective hat, magnifying glass, box for evidence, small model or picture of a door, empty jar for ‘breath’, figure of Jesus with marked hands and feet or picture of hand and feet or picture of Thomas touching Jesus like the one above

  • Ask children if they remember the story from last week. Remind children about what it means to be a witness and about how Mary was a witness to Jesus.
  • Put on costume props and invite the children again to be witnesses and look at the clues together.
  • Talk about the disciples who were not yet witnesses.
  • Look at the clues in the evidence box:
  1. the first clue: a door – the door was locked because the disciples were afraid that they would be associated with Jesus. Jesus was killed and maybe they would be in danger too. But Jesus got into the room even though the door was locked tight
  2. the second clue – Jesus! The hand and feet of Jesus were scarred. The disciples could see that it was him, the man who had been badly hurt and killed – he’s alive!
  3. the breath in a jar – Jesus breathed on them – a dead person can’t breathe! And he told them that it was his Spirit
  • Say: “Thomas had to see all of these things to believe that Jesus was alive. Just like Mary didn’t believe it until she heard Jesus say her name.”
  • Say: “Jesus told Thomas that his disciples might need to believe even though they don’t see – which means we need to look for clues to Jesus in the stories we hear, in the way we see people acting, in the love we feel”
  • Pray: “God, help me to see the way you and your Spirit are with me always. Amen.”

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