Sunday, October 10, 2010

My First Project

Here’s my first sewing project in Korea. Simple but (in my opinion) essential. With fabric that I had in my suitcase – and I didn’t bring much – I made two pillow covers for the cushions that came with our convertible sofa/bed. We didn't bring pillows and the only ones that came with the tiny apartment match the vinyl upholstery of the couch (on which they rest).

Although I did bring my sewing machine in my suitcase, I hand stitched these. It took a long time but I kind of like the tactile nature of using a needle and thread. And now, thanks to Vija, I also have a thimble and my finger won't get that horrible little hole in it from the needle poking in. I may have a whole year of hand-stitched quilting ahead of me; I found that my power converter doesn't work with my blow-dryer and I'm a little afraid to try it with the sewing machine.

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